We not only cultivate the creative mind, but we help focus the heart of our students towards the creator.

Art & Media

In Art and Media students will learn about a variety of different art forms. Students will paint, draw, create their very own comics, design magazine covers digitally, and design their own business cards! Art and Media will allow each student to learn about various different art mediums and gain and appreciation for each.

Recording Arts

This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of vocal and instrument recording while incorporating basic music writing techniques. Students learn to develop an “ear” for sound along with emphasizing the importance of song structure. During the year, students experience what it is like to hear their own voice using standard compression, delay, reverb, and equalization disciplines through an understanding of decibels and sound waves. Along with recording their own voices, students visit local recording studios to experience a live recording and the process of building a song from scratch. A basic appreciation for music production is encouraged as students will learn the history of their favorite genres of music. Guest speakers, DJ’s, and local recording artists, also provide small clinics and positive reinforcement.


Students have the opportunity to experience an Intro to Fashion & Intro to Cosmetology Course at FHA. They learn what is currently trending, how to explore and seek inspiration in the fashion world, and learn about various careers in the industry. Our students are familiar with the numerous career paths available to people skilled in the merchandising and marketing of fashion, and fashion related products and services. Students are made aware of opportunities in window display, exhibition design, retailing, wholesaling, product development and advertising.

Using fashion CAD software, students learn pattern making and assemble their designs into a collection. They have the opportunity to speak to fashion insiders, have guided store visits to designer boutiques, and put together outfits for a fashion show. Along with Fashion, students learn basic concepts to skin care, hair, and make up. They are taught hair and makeup techniques from local cosmetologists.


Students will move through several musical building blocks. Each unit will give the student instruction on chords & rhythms and single note melody. Musical presentations will be scheduled to assist the student in working toward a level of competence.

This class will also incorporate Acoustic Guitar in Worship. Upper level students will be able to participate in the weekly chapel worship experience.


This class is offered to students who want to sing for enjoyment while continuing to develop their musical knowledge and vocal skills. Emphasis is placed on music skills, diction, intonation, and vocal technique. In addition, attention is given to all the areas that are essential to membership in a music performance group: attendance, contricution to the ensemble, a willingness to adapt oneself to the group needs, and a desire for excellence. Choir members are required to perform in the winter and spring concerts as determined by the director.

This class will also incorporate Vocals in Worship. Upper level students will be able to participate in the weekly chapel worship experience


Bible is a Christ-centered curriculum with a developmental, in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments. This Bible curriculum covers a variety of biblical material to assist in the development of practical Christian living. The Bible curriculum provides seven major themes: Theology, Attributes of God, Biblical literature, Biblical geography, Christian growth, Christian evidence, and a special emphasis for each grade level.


Dance is both something to do physically and a body of knowledge that effects and is affected by the larger world. Through dancing/ performing, creating and responding to dance intellectually, we will journey through dance in its many forms. As we do this we will be learning about the capabilities of our bodies, learning warm-ups, and creating choreography. Dance forms that are studied range from Modern Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Musical Theater.


This beginning level course stresses technical and critical photographic skills. The class aims to develop the student’s capacity to produce well-wrought, effectively structured photographs utilizing in camera exposure, depth-of-field, and composition with either digital or film camera.